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Bring your old drawings back to life.

Here at Graitec Professional Services we can take your detailed layouts from paper to neat editable vector files that can be easily viewed and printed by any CAD or graphics package. Simply draw your layout on paper once and send it to us to be digitised using the latest versions of AutoCAD and have back a file you can edit every time you have a change to make.

We can also provide an automated process whereby the scanned raster image is copied over exactly and gives a quick and accurate cad file, this can be saved in any format you desire. You can use the this quick and easy option as an exceptional aid to complete your cad drawing. On the other hand with experienced bureau staff and the latest software we can produce any cad work you need. Call us or simply go to the quote request to receive more information.

To assist the paper to cad process there are a number of very good AutoCAD add-on packages that can help speed up and improve accuracy when converting CAD. These would include software packages such as GTX RasterCAD or RxAutoImage Pro and Autodesk’s’ Raster Design.

We provide scanning for one-offs or thousands. A price list that provides pricing for scanning and auto-vectorising for the lower volumes is available on request. Additionally we can provide a full CAD conversion service for single or volume drawings, providing fully layered, dimensioned and checked drawings. We can also convert your 2D drawings into 3D. This service is available on a reimbursable basis or a fixed price basis subject to sight of drawings.


  • Colour Scanning
  • Photographs & 35mm Slides
  • Mono Scanning
  • Up to 600 dpi
  • A4 to A0 & Oversize
  • 35mm Aperture Cards Raster Files e.g. tiff
  • CAD Files: Dxf, Dwg, & many, many more...
"We were extremely impressed with the speed and accuracy with which you carried the scanning, especially the extraction of the file name data from the actual drawings."
"thanks for all you've done on this,... a truly successful and useful exercise, I'm really pleased with the outcome.... I shall use my influence, for what it's worth, in effort to employ your service again in the very near future."
- Trever Butcher, Property Services

Your legacy drawings are one of your most valuable and certainly costly assets. Now that most of the world is using CAD does it make economic sense to moth ball all those drawings you have invested in.

Scanned drawings are just like photocopies, good quality copies but a lot more versatile and for about the same cost. Just one copy can be viewed or printed by anyone in your company with a computer.

Your drawings can be sent anywhere in the world in minutes using the Internet, no need even to leave your desk. No more waiting for snail mail, (post), just attach your scanned drawings to an e-mail!

Scanned drawings can be imported into CAD software to produce hybrid raster / vector drawings or can be converted to actual CAD drawings.

Valuable office space is wasted unnecessarily by the storage of bulky drawings, often taking up whole rooms. This expensive space can be freed for more productive use!